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Billie Eilish – Bad Guy Lyrics Meaning Explained

Bad Guy is the second track in American teenage sensation, Billie Eilish’s debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The song was released as a single on March 29, 2019, the same day the album was released. Bad Guy has been a huge success, doing very well in the music charts of several countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

What is the Billie Eilish Bad Guy Lyrics Meaning?

Typically, guys like to think that they are in control of a relationship. Bad Guy is Billie’s way of making them realize that this may not be the case. She opens the song by talking about things the guys do, taking advantage of her seeming innocence and ignorance. He feels accomplished about this, thinking he is a real criminal by exploiting the girl. Billie, however, concludes the verse by quickly jolting him back to reality – whatever she does for the guy, she does so because she wants to, and owes nothing to cunning persuasions and pleadings. The cynic nature of soul makes sure that she does not really care about satisfying him, but rather, do things that give her pleasure.

She then goes on to expatiate about her nature in the next verse. She willingly allows him to play the role of the commander in the relationship just because she likes it like that. She understands that the guy is aware that she does not belong to him at all, but she still allows him to assume that role. She then sings about her mother who sings all her songs every time she listens to them. She was certain, however, that her beloved mother would not sing this particular song once she goes to the lyrics and the realisation of the true nature of her daughter sinks into her. Her mother would be remorseful instead, and feel sorry for all the guys her daughter knows.

The chorus, which comes directly after each verse, describes the lover’s way of being a bad guy, which she then contrasts with her own method of doing things. She admits that the guy is a tough guy who likes doing things the rough way. He is difficult to please and rather indignant and arrogant. Billie however does not think these are the attributes that make a person a bad guy. She believes she is a bad guy and subsequently goes ahead to enumerate the reasons why she is a bad guy. It is within her power to toy with the emotions of people close to him in a negative manner. She could seduce his father and cause a schism in his mother by straining both the relationship between his parents and then making his mother to be sad. Furthermore, she could infuriate the other girl in his life, his real girlfriend. This probably throws more light to the second line of the second verse, ” Even if you know that you don’t Own me…”, implying that Billie is only a side-chick, with the guy cheating with her on his main girlfriend. If this is the case, Billie could introduce herself to this girlfriend and expose his secret affair with her. All these would collectively and effectively crush the guy psychologically, thereby putting him in misery.

There is a small bridge at the end of the song where she expresses her delight at getting him frustrated and lonely. The guy has told her that his girlfriend is afraid of her, but she seems not to understand why. She concludes that it probably arose from the fact that she uses his fragrance, which might evoke the fear the girlfriend has for the guy.

The intro is basically a repetition of the words “I’m a bad guy” a few times, slamming home her point that she is really a bad guy.

Billie Eilish Bad Guy Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few words

In Bad Guy, Billie Eilish expresses her feminist view. In a rather subtle way, she makes us understand that ladies wield a lot of power, and that is while men usually think that they are sheer physical power, the psychological power of ladies to manipulate emotions is even stronger.

Interesting Facts about the Song

Bad Guy is Billie Eilish’s highest charting single, debuting at number 2 and number 7 in the IK and US charts respectively.

The song was partly written and wholly produced by her brother, Finneas O’Connell.

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