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Ariana Grande – Thank You Next Lyrics Meaning Explained

Thank u, next is a blockbuster song from the internationally acclaimed artiste, Ariana Grande. The song, which is the lead single of her fifth studio album also titled Thank u, next, was dropped on November 3, 2018, and in true Ariana, fashion did not disappoint. Thank u, next is a fairly long song in which Ariana pays tribute to her past lovers, four of them. She sang about the impact each of them has had on her and how her experiences with them have shaped her.

What is the Ariana Grande Thank You Next Lyrics Meaning?

Ariana seems to be in a hurry to get the names of her Exes off her chest as she wastes no time at all, calling them all put in the very first verse of the song. She speaks about Sean – referring to Big Sean – who she thought she would marry, but it was not meant to be. She then mentioned Rocky Alvarez, her one-time backup dancer who she dated. She was so in love with him that she already composed songs for him. The relationship, however, broke down and she can only laugh now whenever she reflects on the relationship. She reveals that she is grateful to Pete Davidson, the very last on the list of her high-profile boyfriends, who split with her in late 2018 after five months of being together. They were very close to getting married and had already got engaged before they pulled the plug on the relationship. Lastly, she mentions Malcolm who she says was an angel. Malcolm was more commonly known as Mac Miller, Ariana’s ex who died under tragic circumstances in September 2018.

She proceeds to talk about what she learned from them. One has taught her love, another taught her patience and yet another taught her pain. She does not reveal who taught her what. What she has learned have shaped her and she believes she is now a better person. She might have lost these guys but she is not dwelling on that, rather she is seeing the bigger picture of what they taught her. For this, she appreciates her ex-lovers

The chorus, made up of several lines with the words “Thank you, next”, implies that she is very grateful, but she has also moved on from these past relationships.

In the second verse, she sings of how she now has more time to spend with friends while reiterating that she does not think about any of her past relationships. In addition, she has discovered her real self, which she is happy.

In the last verse, Ariana looks into the future, affirming that she would get married one day and her parents will be there to walk her down the aisle. She is intent at getting married only once, and will ensure the marriage lasts. This is necessary because the failure of her marriage would render all that she has learnt from her previous relationships useless and by extension, this very song in which she is appreciating her exes for what she has learnt from them – love, patience, pain and above all, her real self that she found.

Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

Thank U, Next is a song which celebrates past relationships and lovers. It is a departure from the conventional pattern where people choose to blame, criticize or condemn past lovers. The song shows that Ariana Grande sees the positive things that her ex-lovers have contributed to her life and she is grateful to them.

Facts about the Ariana Grande Thank You Next

The song debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the first time a female artiste would have a song at the top of the chart since 2015 when Adele’s Hello achieved that feat.

The video for Thank U, Next reached 55.4 million views on YouTube within 24 hours, breaking the record for most watched video on YouTube within a day.

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