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Ariana Grande – Imagine Lyrics Meaning Explained

Ariana Grande was active towards the tail end of last year. About a month after she dropped the popular single, Thank U, Next, she released another single which she dubbed Imagine. In the same vein as Thank U, Next, imagine is one of the tracks in her forthcoming album titled Thank U, Next. The album was released earlier this year. The song draws a parallel with Thank U, Next, being a relationship song. Both songs are different from one another, however, in the sense that while Thank U, Next talks about Ari’s past relationships, Imagine is a song about the future. Ariana is imagining a perfect relationship where everything falls in the right place.

What is the Ariana Grande Imagine Lyrics Meaning?

Grande herself depicted the single as being about a straightforward, delightful love that is presently and always unattainable. One would know that they are in a genuine relationship when they share their most odd secrets and intimate stories of their partner. That is the point at which you realize you are in it for the whole deal.

At this point she broadly expounded on the relationship between imagine and the different tracks on her next collection, the album Thank U, Next. She further clarified that a great deal of this collection grieves flopped yet significant, wonderful connections throughout her life. If Thank U, Next is an acknowledgment of past relationships, then Imagine is about denial and expectation that bodes well.

She cleared up her translation of the song further to fans on social media, saying that the tune is somewhat similar to imagining a previous relationship never finished, refusal to admit that it has ended.

Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

As surreal and nonexistent as this melody may sound, it is a tune of adoration and unequivocal thinking about one another. It is sweet and enticing, with Ariana Grande clearly freeing her mind and speaking out boldly about what she wants, even if she realizes it might, in reality, be near impossible. She allows herself to dream. Perhaps she believes that dreams sometimes come true.

Facts about Ariana Grande Imagine

Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend, the late Mac Miller, had the word Imagine tattooed on his hand. This has led to speculation as to whether the song was composed for him.

Imagine is the only promotional single for Ariana Grande’s fifth album, Thank U, Next.

There is an official lyrics video for the song on YouTube. Imagine, however, does not really have an official video and Ariana Grande has confirmed that there will be none.

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