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Ariana Grande – 7 Rings Lyrics Meaning Explained

Straight off the heels of Thank U, Next single, Ariana Grande released another hot single for her Thank U, Next album. The song is unique and follows a slightly different style to other conventional Ariana Grande songs in that it is a sort of rap song.

What is Ariana Grande 7 Rings Lyrics Meaning?

In the first verse, Ariana Grande raps about her extravagant lifestyle, as she dines in posh restaurants and drinks exotic wines. In this case, she is hanging out at Tiffany’s with her “troublesome, tattooed” friends.  Ariana indicates that they also live a good life when she talks about their tattoos, lashes, and diamonds. She buys herself the things she likes because she has the financial capacity to do so.

She then reflects on the recent past, saying that she has gone through some bad shit which is strong enough to make her sad. But then Ariana, being Ariana, would not despair or brood. She would socialize and hang out instead. She would also spend her own money in the same prolific manner in which she writes her songs.

She decides to get herself a ring. The ring, however, does not imply that she is married or getting married. Rather she is only indulging herself to satisfy her fashion desire. Having bought diamond rings for her friends because she deems it better to spend money on them, she jokes that she is spending so much and it became necessary for her to go for retail therapy as she won’t be spending lavishly. In any case, she has the money to satisfy all her heart desires, and she strongly believes that money can solve all problems.

The things Ariana buys are so exorbitant that the figures look like phone numbers, but then at this time, she only talks about money and would not entertain anybody who calls to speak on any other topic. Her rack is filled with wears that are stacked up just like her huge ass and she gets whatever she wants.

The pre-chorus essentially serve to buttress the enviable life Ariana is living. She raps about her wrist and neck which is bedecked with expensive jewelry – bangles and wristwatch and necklaces. In the second pre-chorus, she references her beaming smile and gleaming skin, which are obvious signs of a person who is enjoying the moment. The chorus emphasizes her status as a rich and successful young lady who could afford to buy expensive hair and get whatever she wants.

Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

This song is essentially about how Ariana has reacted strongly after a difficult period in her life, which might be the break-up between her and ex-lover Pete Davidson. She has chosen to spend on herself and enjoy her life as a means of getting over the unpleasant episode. She realizes the importance of her friends spends her time and money on them while.

Facts About 7 Rings

7 Rings is the second official single for Ariana Grande’s album, Thank U, Next.

It was released on January 18, 2019

The song actually talks about things that happen in real life. Ariana Grande actually bought 7 rings for herself and her friends.

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