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Khalid – Saturday Nights Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Saturday Nights”, an R&B-Pop song by American singer and songwriter Khalid is, first and foremost, a tale of a ruff, even bitter, life. There are a deep sadness and a heavy, and dark point of view surrounding all aspects of this song. It is, unfortunately, a familiar story about the way a person’s life may go badly by beginning in a scenario of all kinds of misfortunes.

What is the Khalid Saturday Nights Lyrics Meaning?

It talks about people in a really troubled environment trying to fight their way out,
but facing some very hard – and very real, for a great number of people in America (or in the world, for that matter) – disadvantages.

It is about family problems (a victimized mother who doesn’t want to know certain sad truths, a father who is never present), material issues (having to go to a job that is not wanted or liked) and emotional struggles – since at one point it is said to be better to keep your dreams to yourself.

The song goes on to focus on the relationship between the singer and the girl he
loves and how much he feels her own family (her parents), don’t know her as well as him, and don’t care about her in the same way he does.

Moving further along, the sort of darkness surrounding the lyrics deepens, even
hinting at a possible job connected to sexual favors in any way (as an escort or a stripper or something), for it mentions “images” as a dirty bathroom and working “late at night”. In one strongly sad passage, the lyrics say the girl “got plans wrapped in rubber bands”.

There is no more love for her. It’s a profoundly desperate scenario.
In the end, with no hopes of life getting better for this girl, the message is that it doesn’t make a difference for his feelings towards her. The girl’s parents don’t know and don’t care, but he does and he still wants to be around more than anything else.

Interesting Facts About Song and Artist:

Khalid’s full name is Khalid Donnel Robinson.

Khalid was born in a city called Fort Stewart, in the American southern state of Georgia. Because of his mother’s work as a military person, though, he moved a lot while growing up, having lived also in the states of Kentucky, New York, and Texas. He even had the experience of living out of his home country for a while (in this case, in Germany).

Still very young, while in high school, Khalid started to explore his musicality – writing and composing his very first songs.

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