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Khalid – Talk Lyrics Meaning Explained

Dropped as the first single of Khalid’s latest album, Free Spirit, Talk has gone on to be another hit song by Khalid, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Talk Lyrics Meaning addresses the issue of communication in relationships. The song contains a long chorus which is alternated by two short verses. Each verse is immediately followed by a refrain.

What is the Khalid Talk Lyrics Meaning?

Khalid opens the song with the chorus, whose content is very direct and straightforward. He is asking his partner if they could talk. He wants them to define the relationship so that they can know the direction the relationship is heading to as only this would prevent them from missing their way. Unless they both know what they want and focus on achieving that, they will get to nowhere. He acknowledges the unprecedented intensity of the feelings running inside him. He subsequently apologizes, peradventure the feelings are driving him to the extreme, making him go too far with his request. But he still insists that they talk about the relationship, emphatically asking the question “Can we just talk?”, in the penultimate line of the chorus.

In the first verse, Khalid speaks about the relationship. Things had started very well between them. He knows that the girl yearns for more from the relationship, but does not know what she wants exactly. He, therefore, asks her, “What’s been on your mind?”, as he believes that they should not hide anything from themselves.

In the refrain of this first verse, he tells her to “stop thinking’’ ’bout it”, probably trying to clear her doubts about the relationship by also adding the reassuring words ” And it’s you I’m on”

In the second verse, Khalid reveals that he has arranged a meeting with the girl at a posh location. He leaves flowers in the room to remind her of his unwavering love for her while promising to be at the rendezvous on time.

The refrain to this verse is more or less like the refrain for the first verse. So show, he knows the girl has been dreaming about the relationship and tells her to stop thinking too much about it because he is the right guy for her, he is exactly what she wants.

Khalid Talk Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

Khalid calls for lovers to discuss touching, intimate issues. He wants lovers to know that communication is very important in a relationship as or will help the lovers to know what they want for themselves personally and together. This will enhance the healthy growth of the relationship.

Facts about Khalid Talk song

The song peaked at number 8 on US Billboard Hot 100.

It was produced by the Lawrence brothers, more popularly known as Disclosure.

Curiously enough, Talk was released by two independent record labels: Right Hand Music Group and RCA Records.

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