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YUNGBLUD, Halsey – 11 Minutes ft. Travis Barker Lyrics Meaning Explained

Yungblud collaborated with American singer, Halsey and Travis Barker on the single, 11 Minutes which was dropped on Valentine’s Day 2019. The song has a lone verse which was begun by Halsey and concluded by Yungblud. There is also a chorus, a bridge and a refrain to the song. It is a fairly long song, which runs for approximately 4 minutes.

What is YUNGBLUD, Halsey 11 Minutes Lyrics Meaning?

Halsey has missed Yungblud’s call. She has strong emotions for him deep inside her. She confesses this but admits she does not put it into action, as shown in the line “Talkin’ love but I can’t even read the signs”. Halsey says she would like to get more free time, which indicates that she is a busy person and explains the reason why she missed Yungblud’s call in the first instance.

The time constraint is seriously affecting the relationship as she does not have enough time for Yungblud. She really wants the relationship to work out, but it is impossible because of her other interests which prevent her from spending time with her lover. She then takes a little time to extol the quality of her beloved boyfriend, informing us that they are compatible because he is “acid to my alkaline”, and that she enjoys his romantic plays, such as running his fingers down her spine in a manner which mesmerizes her.

Yungblud picks up from this point. He offers his apologies for “playing somebody”, implying that he had been with someone else, perhaps because Halsey did not make up enough time for him. However, things had not gone quite well with them and he has now fully realized that it is Halsey he truly loves. He confesses that Halsey was always in his mind even after he walked out of the relationship. Here, Yungblud probably quit the relationship due to the frustration he experienced from Halsey’s hesitation to prioritize the relationship over her other interests. Memories of their together fill up his head and he longs for those moments again.

In the chorus, Halsey and Yungblud are telling themselves that they are 11 minutes away from each other, and that they are missing each other. This indicates that the verse of the song was a conversation over the phone, as they are talking about the distance which separates them from their rendezvous, which they had set up to reconnect, since they still obviously have mutual feelings for one another. Unfortunately, the meeting was not meant to be as something bad – revealed to be an accident in the video had happened. This is what prompted the question, “Why aren’t you here?”

The bridge, sung by Halsey, is essentially the words of a dying person. She asks him to lay wreaths on her grave every Sunday, while also lamenting how everything has turned out.

In the refrain, Yungblud expresses his anger, depression, and mixed feelings as he grieves over the loss and how everything ended tragically.

Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

Overall, the song tells the story of a healthy relationship which suffers a tragic ending. One partner is busy pursuing other interests, which ultimately caused the relationship to crash. It informs us that our feelings should be primary and should be given top priority over other things. This will go a long way in reducing avoidable break-ups.

Facts About the Song

The song was written by Yungblud, Halsey, Matt Schwartz and Brynley Plumb.

Travis Barker does not contribute vocals to this song.

the two singers, Yungblud and Halsey are currently in a relationship.

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