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Khalid – Better Lyrics Meaning Explained

Better is another single from Khalid’s new album, Free Spirit. The song, which runs for three minutes and forty-nine seconds, is a success, making it to the top ten of several music charts across different countries.

What is the Khalid Better Lyrics Meaning?

The song opens with Khalid telling his partner that he likes seeing the partner shine in the night, comparing the manner in which the partner glows at night to a diamond, which he thinks she actually is. Here, Khalid is implying that the partner is extremely invaluable to him. When he says: “No one’s got to know what we do…”, he is probably suggesting that the relationship is a secret one, but he cares less about that. They reside in close proximity to each other, which makes it easy for them to meet. Khalid tells the lover that he is available whenever the lover feels bored and wants them to meet.

In the second verse, Khalid confirms that the relationship is indeed a secret one. They claim to be just friends and nothing more when they are in public, but they behave as lovers when they are in private and no one is around. They make out with each other, things lovers do. Khalid sings about a particular escapade in which he describes a romantic and intimate experience between them. The experience was so intense that he figuratively got so high and felt his feet leave the ground.

The chorus echoes the main theme of the song. His time with her is the best, and their action together beats any other thing he has ever experienced. ” Nothing’ feels better”. He also says this is what the lover likes and he is ready to devote his time for her.

The song has a bridge, which probably has an erotic undertone. “Take it back, bring it side to side // Like that, like that, ayy // Ooh, now, left, right, left, right”, most likely refers to an intense session of exotic romance.

In every case and at all times, what keeps ringing on his head and in his ears is that nothing can ever feel better than the moments they spend together.

Khalid Better Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words?

If you are totally into a relationship, there is a feeling you get from that relationship which cannot be compared to any other feeling. It is an intense feeling of joy, which radiates all through your entire being. It is almost impossible to describe this feeling adequately. This is the feeling Khalid is talking about in this song.

Interesting facts about Khalid Better song

Who wrote this song?

Better was written by five people, including Khalid himself. The others are Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Ryan Vojtesak and Jamil Chammas. Charlie

Who produced the song?

Handsome, who has worked with Khalid on several other songs, produced the track.

Where was the first live performance of this song?

The first live performance of the song took place in El Paso, Khalid’s hometown, just before the song was released.

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