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Rita Ora – Only want You Lyrics Meaning Explained

Rita Ora collaborated with American musician, 6lack for the remix of her single, Only Want You. The song was released on March 1, 2019.

What is the Rita Ora Only Want You Lyrics Meaning?

The song is essentially Rita Ora’s way of seeking reconciliation with her estranged lover; having released the lover is irreplaceable. As a matter of fact, she is wary of starting the process of looking for a new partner all over again. She is skeptical about who the new person might be as evidenced in the words “I don’t wanna wear another mini dress// to impress a potential problem”. She does not want another person to replace her estranged lover, to do things he does as well as things she does to the lover.

In the second verse, Rita Ora admits that she is the one at fault for the failure of the relationship, even though she had earlier put the blame solely on the lover. She apologise because she knows that she has wronged the lover and she acknowledges that her apology may not be enough to assuage him. She does however knows that they lover cannot deny their uniqueness when he looks at her straight in the eyes.

6lack picks up the final verse, acting as the lover Rita Ora is apologising to. He realises that Rita Ora does not want another guy but himself, having confessed to him before that she loves him wholly. 6lack, typically is not the confident type, but he knows Rita enough to be sure of the reason why she has stuck unto him. He reveals that he also loves her and promises that she is going to be his ‘one and only’. 6lack says that he is the object of attraction for a lot of ladies but he has resisted all their overtures because he is very sure that Rita Ora does not love him because of his wealth but because of his personality. He vows not to change, and concluded that any girl who wants him to change would not bulge him, as indicated in the words “You looking for another me, girl, I don’t play that way”.

Rita Ora sings the chorus. She reiterates what she said in the first verse, she does not want a substitute but that very lover, the breakdown in the relationship having made her realise how much she needs him and as such, she cannot put up with any other person.

Rita Ora Only Want You Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few words

Only Want You is a song which speaks about two lovers setting aside their differences after a misunderstanding. Both are ready to make concessions for each other and are very frank and honest with themselves.

Facts about Rita Ora Only Want You song

The original song, which 6lack did not partake in, and this song both feature in Rita Ora’s latest album, Phoenix

The song was written by nothing less than five people such as Emily Warren, Alexandra Tamposi, Andrew Wotman, Louis Bell and Carl Rosen.

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