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Taylor Swift – ME! Lyrics Meaning Explained

Taylor Swift teamed up with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco on her song titled Me! The song was released at midnight on April 26, 2019. It was a huge success and it broke quite a number of streaming and downloading records within hours of its release.

What is the Taylor Swift ME! Lyrics Meaning?

In the first verse, Taylor Swift is speaking to a guy. She admits to him that she can be rash and hot-headed, doing things without really thinking them over. She is the troublesome type and once, lost her temper when speaking to him on the phone. She says the guy, apparently, her boyfriend, is a good looking guy who attracts a lot of girls and because there are many of them around, Taylor is rather jealous.

In the second verse, she also owns up to being self-centered in the relationship, but she is confident the guy will never get bored in the relationship. She recollects the disagreement they gad sometimes ago. It was raining and she had walked out on him but he came after her and tried to pacify her, which shows the caring nature of the boyfriend. On her part, she confesses that she really likes him and does not ever want the relationship to end. She, however, teases him by saying that “there’s a lot of lame guys out there”. The word “lame” which she uses to qualify the guys suggests that she does not think of them as highly as she thinks of her lover. But she is passing a message to the lover that he is not the only person who has a lot of admirers.

In the pre-chorus, Taylor Swift picks up from the conclusion of each verse, asserting that “one of these things is not like the others”, meaning that other girls do not compare to her before explicitly telling her lover that she is very certain he will not be able to get another lover who will be like her.

This is because there is no one else like her, as she sings in the chorus. She says she is unique and that is what makes her fun to be with. The same is also true for her lover, his uniqueness meaning that he stands out among other men.

Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

Me! talks about accepting ourselves for who and what we are because it is our difference that makes each and every one of us unique. Taylor Swift herself, in an interview after the song’s release, said Me! is all about embracing one’s personality.

Interesting Facts about the Song

Me! Debuted at number 100 on the US Billboard Hot 100 but climbed rapidly over the next few days, peaking at number 2 after just a week.

The video for the song was released on the same day the song was dropped. As of May 26, 2019, it has garnered 181 million views on YouTube.

The song is jointly owned by Republic Records and Taylor Swift Productions Inc.

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