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The Chainsmokers – Hope ft. Winona Oak Lyrics Meaning Explained

Hope is a song by popular American music duo, The Chainsmokers, featuring Swedish singer, Winona Oak. The song is the last single in the Chainsmokers’ 2018 album, Sick Boy and was released on December 14, 2018, the same day the album was released.

What is The Chainsmokers Hope Lyrics Meaning?

The song begins with Winona Oak reminiscing on her past relationship, in which her lover had betrayed her trust. Prior to the betrayal, she would have done anything to please the lover and she is so hurt by the betrayal and she finds it difficult to forget about it and move on. She remembers, with bitterness, her visits to his home, and reckons that those visits were wasted efforts. She desperately wants to forget the memories she has with him so that she can move from the heartbreak.

Winona Oak takes the pre-chorus and chorus that follow the first verse. Here, she sings about how the guy manipulated her during their time together as lovers. Due to the guy’s cunning and effective method, which basically involved getting her high on alcohol, she always found it difficult to leave him. She was naïve then but now that she has grown older, she is fully aware of exactly hoe the ex-lover was able to effectively maneuver his way around her.

Winona Oak buttresses her claim that her ex-partner had been trapping her with alcohol in the chorus. She used to think highly of him before but in retrospect, she now realizes that he is a low person who employed a cheap method to get her hypnotized. She then tells us that she did not really love him but only craved for him because she thought he was an important person who she would never get. She is now very sure that the emotions she seemed to have had for him then was not love at all. She concludes it was just hope, the hope the she might be able to have him as her boyfriend if she gave it a trial.

In the second verse, Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers sings. He thinks his own lover is “another bender”, implying that the lover is a skilled manipulator who was able to tamper with his feelings and made him lose control. He was happy he would regain control of his mind when she left the relationship but then she came back again. Now he believes that the girl had only played on his emotions and that whatever they felt during the relationship was spurious.

The pre-chorus, chorus and refrain which accompanied this verse was sung by both Winona Oak and Andrew Taggart and contains the same lyrics as the chorus which followed the first verse.

Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

Essentially, Hope is a song in which the singers reflect on previous failed relationships. They believe that the relationships failed because they were built on spurious feelings, hope, rather than true love. It is a message to couples to be sure about their feelings before delving into a relationship because entering into a relationship which is not grounded on true will have dire consequences.

Facts About the Song

The song was written by Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall (both of the Chainsmokers), Chris Lyon and Kate Morgan.

Alex Pall, the other member of the Chainsmokers crew does not contribute any vocals to this song.

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