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Rita Ora – Let You Love Me Lyrics Meaning Explained

In an intimate and confessional manner, electro-pop song “Let You Love Me”, by
British singer Rita Ora talks about regret and reflection when it comes to difficulties and mistakes made by someone in the romance area of life.

Very much a twenty-first-century song, in terms of the more equal roles men and
women can play, in all aspects of life, the lyrics explore that a female can have, very well, exactly the same issues men always had, when it comes to fears of commitment and intimacy.

What is the Rita Ora Let You Love me Lyrics Meaning?

As the song only begins, it’s already very clear the struggle to make the right
choices romantically, and how this woman is already sorry for having pulled back from a close and intimate company, just the night before, to go out and “find trouble” – an obvious reference to another male “companions”, ones not so special or emotionally connected to her. It’s a clear contrast, an opposition between the lives of “single-party girl” versus “committed and deeply in love with someone worthy girl” – a conflict is driven by fears of vulnerability.

As the song goes on, it is stated, more clearly, this is not about a rational choice,
but about emotional difficulties to handle being in love and feeling safe at the same time.

She wants to, she knows it, but it’s still a big challenge for her. Going on a little further, the song gets to a point of Ora asking for help, so to speak, as the chorus repeats many times “I wish I could have let you love me”, to just following that ask directly what might be wrong with her.

“Let you Love Me” goes in this tone till the end, leaving it as an unresolved dilemma, one that makes the song very much relatable for this new generation of women who learned they have a right to experience everything, even if it means anguish and confusion, from time to time.

Interesting Facts About Song and Artist:

The official video for “Let You Love Me” was released on September 21 of 2018,
accompanying the song. It was directed by Malia James and shot in the English capital, London.

“Let You Love Me” reached the top ten in 16 countries. In the United Kingdom, it
achieved its best position, becoming number four. This was Rita Ora’s 13th song to make top 10 in the UK, putting her, consequently, in the position to be the new record owner as a British female solo artist.

Rita Ora is generally referred to as being a Londoner, having grown up in the very
famous and beloved area of Notting Hill. But Ora was actually born in Pristina, Yugoslavia (present-day Kosovo). Her family decided to leave the country for political reasons, and they relocated to London, England. Rita Ora was, then, only one-year-old.

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