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Bebe Rexha – Last Hurrah Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Last Hurrah”, an expression that means “the last attempt, the last round, the last
time someone is doing something” gives a perfect name to the song of American singer Bebe Rexha, which portraits a real parade of excesses of all sorts by someone who is promising to quit it all – but not before doing it for a very last time.

Even though the song is based on a context too “out there” for most people, with
the protagonist appearing dressed as a female devil in scenes of crazy parties, multiple sexual partners and all sorts of drinks imaginable, the basis for it stays extremely relatable.

What is the Bebe Rexha Last Hurrah Lyrics Meaning?

Of course most of us will never dream of doing the things described in “Last Hurrah”, but we all have one or two (or three, or ten!) bad habits that feel a little out of control and that we are always trying to eradicate but, well, not without having a little farewell event first – and not without knowing there is a big chance that we will not be strong enough to be done with whatever it is (the eating, the drinking, the procrastinating…) forever.

In the case of this song, it starts by enumerating the “bad habits”, at the same time
as stating she’s done with all of that (the drinking, the smoking, the playing, the joking, etc), the lyrics don’t try to hide that all this determination to change is something people probably have seen before, and that it won’t hold for long – for the words tell it themselves “I’ve said it all before”.

The song then goes to a second moment, where there are a total surrender and
enjoyment of doing this “last hurrah”. She’s taking it to the limit and making clear she is going to make the best of every moment – and then some.

Going on to one more verse that enumerates all the things she “is done with”, but
she will definitely do one more time, the lyrics explore the idea of the probable neverending cycles of relapsing – that await her in the future.

Interesting Facts About Song and Artist:

Bebe Rexha, born as Bleta Rexha is an American from the iconic city of New
York. Both her parents are Albanian and her name, in their language, means “bee”.

“Last Hurrah” is a provocative, sexy song, about all the extravagances anyone
could imagine involving night clubs, drinks, drugs, and sex; but, ironically, according to Rexha, it was inspired by an innocent conversation she had with a friend who was on a diet and said the piece of cake she was having at that moment was her “last hurrah”.

“Last Hurrah” was written by Bebe Rexha, herself, in collaboration with Lauren
Christy, Nick Long, and Andrew Wells. Production was handled by Wells.

“Last Hurrah” was released as a single on February 15 of 2019, after being
teased by Rexha on her social media for a while.

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