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Jonas Blue – Rise ft. Jack & Jack Lyrics Meaning Explained

Boys and Girls who feel misunderstood, people full of talents and big dreams, or
simply anyone living out of society’s norms everywhere: rejoice! “Rise” is your hymn.

A pop song by British DJ, songwriter and producer Jonas Blues, with vocals
performed by the American duo Jack & Jack, “Rise” talks about that defiant, yet also lonely, feeling of being following your own mind and dreams, against everyone and everything around.

What is the Jonas Blue Rise Lyrics Meaning?

By speaking in terms that make us visualize entire scenes (like people whispering
and pointing, gossiping and name-calling), the song portraits, extremely well, not only what an idealist feels, while working for genuine dreams, but also how other people actually see this. It is, like the lyrics say, almost as if there are different planets keeping a gigantic distance between these two “tribes”.

In a sense of a “community”, it keeps repeating “we” will rise. The meaning being
very clear: no matter what people say, and how much they push us down, we will win, we will get where we want.

The song continues very much in this same tone, painting the picture of what
people who follow their dreams usually have to deal with: money difficulties, people around talking about you like you are just a lazy loser, nobody to really know what it’s like… “They don’t speak our language” is the way the song puts it – and even though this is a sort of “cliché” line, it is also, undeniably, true.

But then, there’s hope and defiance in this uplifting song. For, no matter the scenario of troubles, it states again and again how there is a firm belief that “they could be the ones to be the breaks”, meaning the exception, the ones who finally get the opportunities and the success that will shut the critics up for good!

Interesting Facts About Song and Artist:

Jonas Blue’s real name (birth name) is Guy James Robin.

Unlike so many pop-stars, Jonas Blues didn’t relocate to the United States. A
British citizen, he keeps his life-based in London – where he manages a very successful career in music, producing material usually blending dance and pop styles.

“Rise” was written by Jonas Blue himself (though, as a songwriter, he keeps
signing as Guy Robin, his birth name), along with Edward Drewett and Samuel Roman.

The official video for Rise, with Duo Jack and Jack, was shot in Lisbon (the
capital of Portugal). But there’s another video for the song that is set on the rooftop of a building in London.

Although “Rise” was officially released for most parts of the world on May 25 of
2018, it was only launched in the United States later on, by the date of July 3 of the same year.

“Rise” was the first collaboration between Jonas Blue and Jack & Jack and, as it
happens for most of Jonas Blue’s songs, he himself doesn’t sing any parts of the song, leaving vocals for the invited artists.

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