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Billie Eilish – When the party’s over Lyrics Meaning Explained

A song to hear the first time only to be compelled to hear once more. And then
another time. And another. Maybe a whole day will pass and you will be playing it again and again, for there is something incredibly seductive about the way in which you simply cannot grasp a full meaning for ”When the Party’s Over” all at once.

Perhaps not even one sole meaning that will stick with you for all times. That’s
because some songs are just songs. And a few rare others are works of art. And this track, performed by American singer Billie Eilish and written by her brother, Finneas O’Connell, is precisely one of those, and as such, it will never be perceived by two people exactly the same way. It’s opened for many different views and sentiments. In other words, it’s a song to be experienced more than it is to be analyzed – as it is most of Billie Eilish’s work in this album.

What is the Billie Eilish When the part’s over Lyrics Meaning?

“When the Party’s Over” is a musical-poem that refuses to simply tell you things,
right to your face. Instead, it provides you with images and feelings that guide you to your very own understanding of a certain kind of agony between two people, in some sort of conflicted relationship that bounces back into inner-conflict as well. The contradictions show up everywhere in the lyrics – a touching reminder that human beings are never able to completely establish coherence within themselves.

Disturbingly profound and insightful for a song written and performed by such
young artists (Billie Eilish is only 17 years old, and her brother Finneas is 22), “When the Party’s Over” moves along with its contrasts and inspired, almost philosophical, phrases, showing a rich portrait of a person engulfed in melancholia with a disrupting form of honesty, covered in surprising maturity – as in verses such as “I’ll only hurt you if you let me” or “let me let you go”.

Interesting Facts About Song and Artist:

“When the Party’s Over” is the second single of album “When We All Fall Asleep,
Where Do We Go” – which is Billie Eilish’s debut studio album.

The song was written solely by her brother, Finneas, who also produced it. But, in
general, they write songs together. Billie declared recently, on an interview, that she loves writing with him. “I feel like I can say anything to him”, she said.

Billie grew-up in Los Angeles and was home-schooled by her parents, who are also
artists. There are many actors and musicians in the family and she was encouraged, from a very early age, to pursue her talents.

The video made for the song (which is very dramatic and even disturbing looking) was inspired by a drawing that a fan gave to Billie Eilish, of herself. The young singer was impacted by the image and wanted to “physically create it”.

Billie Eilish wrote her first song by the age 12, and recorded one at 13.

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