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Cardy B & Bruno Mars – Please Me Lyrics Meaning Explained

Cardi B and Bruno Mars collaborated on a song, Please Me. It is the second time the two artistes would work together on a single, following the successful collaboration between them for the remix of Bruno Mars’ Finesse in 2018. However, when Cardi B reactivated her Instagram a day to the release of the single, one had a feeling that it was going to be the real deal. True to its billing, the song which was released at midnight on February 15, 2019, lived up to its hype. The song was another master class and it made the trending list for quite a while.

What is Crady B & Bruno Mars Please Me Lyrics meaning?

The song begins with the chorus which was sing alternately by both artistes. Bruno Mars wants the rapper to ‘tease and please’ him, meaning that he wants the rapper to arouse him sexually. Cardi B responds by asking him to beg for what he wants.

Cardi B raps in the first verse which, in typical Cardi B fashion, is replete with explicit words. She dances seductively on the dance floor with no panties on, turning Bruno Mars on. She then says she only needs a mature man who could stir her in bed like the way she gets stirred whenever she listens to Jodeci – Jodeci is a R&B band that was popular in the 90s. She goes on to sternly warn Bruno Mars that if he cannot perform satisfactorily in bed, then it is better for him to pull out. The second verse was also taken by Cardi B. She teases Bruno Mars here with more sexually explicit language.

A pre-chorus immediately follows each verse where Bruno Mars admits that Cardi B has totally blown him away with her sexual prowess. He longs for another erotic session with her, telling her that although he is not the type who begs for such, Cardi B charm has totally rendered him helpless and he is left with no other choice than to do her bidding, which is to beg.

Lyrics Meaning Explained in a few Words

The song is sexually themed and Cardi B, as the lady is in the commanding position. She completely dominates Bruno Mars, the guy. This scenario, in which the lady is the more powerful one in the relationship is rare and goes directly against the commonly held societal belief that the man gets what he wants in a relationship.

Facts about Cardy B & Bruno Mars Please Me song

Please Me made it into the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100.

The single was certified gold in Canada.

It did even better in the US, making the platinum certification with over one million sales.

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