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Zedd, Katy Perry – 365 Lyrics Meaning Explained

This Katy Perry song is named as a number, and the number means precisely what
we first think about as we look at “365”: a year. More precisely, in this case, every single day of a year. If someone tried to change the name of this song from a number to a word, it could very well be “obsession” – or, at least, “infatuation”, if you would try to play it down a little bit.

What is the Zedd & Katy Perry 365 Lyrics Meaning?

At the beginning of the lyrics, “365″ talks about a romantic relationship that seems
to have started not too long ago, with the girl being cautious and thinking about “taking things slow”. Quickly, though, the romance became a lot more consuming for her and in the first phrases she is already talking about a feeling that this relationship is not going to be “a fling” (meaning, a casual kind of thing).

In a quick evolution, it goes from this realization to confessions of a sudden need
to have her lover close to her all the time. She thinks about him constantly, she wants to be with him every day and she says that a simple weekend together feels like a whole year (usually this kind of saying is used to suggest that something is heavy and dull, but in this case it is clear that the songwriters meant it as something that is deep and that gives her a sensation of intimacy, and of being with this guy for a much longer time, in a positive way).

The lyrics also even hint at the fact that she is considering marriage already, as she mentions “fantasizing our initials”, clearly meaning the change of name a woman usually has when getting married, and the common tradition of having the couples’ initials engraved in personal objects and things like that.

The song goes in that direction until the end, finishing in a circling count of the
numbers 24-7 (meaning day and night, through the whole week) and 365, a year,
reinforcing the full-scale obsession the girl now has about this romance and her hopes that her lover is feeling the same way about her.

Interesting Facts About Song and Artists:

“365″ is a dance-pop song born out of a collaboration between American singer
Katy Perry and Russian-German music producer Zedd – although the songwriting credits show other names as Anton Zaslavski, Daniel Davidson, Corey Sanders, Peter Wallevik, Caroline Ailin, and Much Hansen.

The song was first released on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) of 2019, alongside its official video – which was directed by Warren Fu.

The video for 365 is set in the futuristic scenario, with Katy impersonating an android and Zedd being a human “guinea pig” – being tested in a laboratory concerning its emotional reactions (actually, the absence of them). Disturbingly, Katy, the android falls obsessively in love with Zedd, while he feels nothing. She ends up “unplugged” for being malfunctioning in a dramatic, really sad, way. She is to be replaced by another identical android, but there is a clear insinuation that the problem will happen again.

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