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Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, J Balvin – I Can’t Get Enough Lyrics Meaning Explained

A very sexy song, totally unapologetic about being so, and even more than that: a song that has fun with the concept. That, in a nutshell, is what “I Can’t Get Enough” is all about. If you are not completely sure about it, just take a look at the video clip – set in a gigantic bed, where the “characters” sing and dance, appear and disappear, in a way that is not only provocative but also playful.

With the leading voice, and major presence, of pop-star Selena Gomez, the song was composed as a collaboration of a big group – at least if compared to what is more usual in terms of songwriting. Besides Gomez, the names of Marco Masis, Mike Sabath, Cris Chiluiza, Benjamin Levin, J. Balvin and Jhay Cortez line up in credits for this bilingual song (performed in comings and goings of English and Spanish).

What is the I Can’t Get Enough Lyrics Meaning?

The lyrics are very clearly sexual in nature, as just in the beginning it says in a very blunt way that it’s time to get crazy, in a physical sense (mentioning “contact” and “impact”).

In the second part of the song, the lyrics talk about it even more graphically, with phrases saying it’s fine being alone as long as the person that is loved is there too, and with a very direct mention of a body on top of the other – it couldn’t get more to the point than that, right?

Embracing the liberating aspect of the song, Selena Gomez talked about her own experiences and personality when it comes to romantic relationships, not for one-second shying away from the sexual component.

“I’m the kind of girl that loves tremendously big”, she said. “I just have always been that kind of girl. I will give my heart and my soul to the person that I love. It’s just how I operate. With that comes a lot, ya know? Clearly, you understand.”

Lyrics Meaning Explained by Selena Gomez

More specifically about the song “I Can’t Get Enough” itself, Selena explained on interview to fashion magazine “Elle”: “The song is all about wanting someone”, she said, while once again explaining her passionate nature and how she can get “all-consumed” with someone while she is in a relationship.

Interesting facts about the song and the artists:

The video clip for I Can’t Get Enough premiered on March 12 of 2019 and had 5 million views only in the first 24 hours.

The producers of the track, Benny Blanco and Tainy, were already working on it in December of 2018. Only after that, they reached out to Gomez and Balvin. Their goal was to achieve a sense of reggaeton and pop for this song.

I Can’t Get Enough became Blanco’s third song to have entered the Billboards

Selena Gomez, besides being a singer, has many other professional areas of activity – is also an actress, a businesswoman, and a producer, among other occupations. As a producer, she was the biggest name behind the making of Netflix controversial TV series about a teenager’s suicide: “13 Reasons Why”.

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